Forgotten Woods

Tales From Landlocked: Earl’s Story by Cushla Grigg

The raucous laughter echoed around the cosy warm tavern as a couple of drunks told different stories or corrected each other’s.         “Okay I got a good one,” an unknown voice shouted from the crowd, interrupting Barnabas’s story. Everyone sighed when they realised who…

Spells From the Grave: Part 1 by Ada Walker-Koh

The café is well lit and busy, with uni students sitting in the booths working, while the old ladies who come here every Friday sit knitting around a table. I like that I work at a café that has such a diverse bunch, it never fails to keep me entertained.

Humans by Oliver Norman

The warm soft breeze of the dewy forest air brushes against my face. I yawn and roll over as the leaves beneath me crunch and the twigs snap. I open my eyes and stare at the trees. I lose track of time as I do this, eventually standing…