Book Clubs

The Books You Should Have Read Club

Everyone has a ‘shame book’ pile by their beds or on their bookshelves. You know the ones? The literary classics and acclaimed new releases you should read but haven’t gotten around to yet. This book club is all about sharing that load and motivating ourselves to reduce all of our TBR piles.

So, want to be a part of the conversation?

Say what you really think about Ulysses by James Joyce? Get one up on Rory Gilmore’s mammoth reading list? Or finally say that you’ve read at least one Murakami. Join us for our monthly Books You Should Have Read Book Club.

And for December we’ll be reading C.S. Lewis’s classic novel The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.

So join us on Wednesday the 6th of December at our Carlton studio.

Hope to see you there!