A Chilly Whisper by Uros Stefanov

It had been five days since I had set off to the Enchanted Lake and I had encountered no troubles. The wind was strong in the Forgotten Woods, making a ruckus with the leaves banging against each other like a drum being hit. The wind wailed through the forest giving an eerie feeling and every now and then a forgotten trail was found with not a single track. Water was scarce and hard to find but when I did find some, I would drink too much.

I climbed on top of a steep hill climbing it while holding tree branches. When I got to the top I could see a lake glistening near the heart of the forest with a single hut on the shore. The closer I got the more intense the wind howled. There were two torches in the front of the house with ember glazes dancing in a mesmerising show that could not be forgotten.

As I approached there were faint tracks leading to the house. I pushed the door open and realised the torches were nearly out and had not been tended to for a while. In the house stood a man standing looking out the window. He was draped in a blanket. I walked to him and patted him on the back and a cold feel reached into me…I pulled the blanket off and there stood a slim frozen statue.