One-off Events

Story Studios Australia’s one off events focus on a variety of aspects of writing, community, sharing and storytelling and are often led by special guests and teachers

A chance to learn from and have in-person conversations with successful authors, screenwriters and other creative industry professionals; one-off events are conversational, insightful and lots of fun.

Root and Branch with Scott Edgar

Scott Edgar – artist, writer, composer and comedian – guides this introduction to the dynamic art of writing multistrand narratives. Wether you’re wanting to write for video games, role-playing games, interactive experiences, or just want to weave a complex story, these are the skills that will help you do so.

In this workshop we’ll be looking at this huge fledgling art form and together delve into its connections with age-old storytelling traditions, identifying lessons from the past while unraveling the unique challenges presented by interactive narratives.

We’ll also discuss some of the specifics of the craft, including ways to think about branching narratives, different views on character, world building versus plot, and how game mechanics interact with storytelling.

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Past Events:

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The Storyteller’s Handbook Launch with Elise Hurst

The Storytellers’ Handbook Launch with Elise Hurst