One-off Events

Story Studios Australia’s one off events focus on a variety of aspects of writing, community, sharing and storytelling and are often led by special guests and teachers

A chance to learn from and have in-person conversations with successful authors, screenwriters and other creative industry professionals; one-off events are conversational, insightful and lots of fun.

Writing Page Turners with Sarah Daniel

We are currently lucky enough to have author Sarah Daniels as our virtual Writer in Residence as part of a program with the Melbourne City of Literature, and as such she’ll be hosting a free online workshop all about WRITING PAGE TURNERS.
In this workshop we’ll explore what it takes to craft fast-paced, engaging novels. From cliffhangers and hooking the reader, to maintaining tension and knowing when to give your reader a break.

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Writers Big Day Out

Join us on the 8th of December for the first ever WRITERS BIG DAY OUT!

The end of the year is looming and we want to celebrate it with a writers big day out! This is a chance to get a final stint of writing in, make some writing goals for the new year, plus hang out with a bunch of great people.

We like to think of this as the Story Studios Australia end of year Christmas party, and are hoping to make it an annual thing, so if you’ve attended any of our courses, workshops, events, clubs, evenings, or just been secretly curious about the studio from afar, then we’d love to see you there!

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Screenwriters Big Day In

If you’re a screenwriter or writer looking to kick off 2024 right and start smashing out those new years resolutions then we’ve got good news for you, because on Monday the 8th of January we’re having a Screenwriters Big Day In!

Not only will this be a great opportunity to start something new or make a big dent in your current script or screenplay, but it’ll also be hosted by one of Australia’s leading screenwriters, Nick Watson.

This relaxed day will run in our beautiful studio space and will include a workshop followed by ample opportunity to get a tonne of work done on your personal projects, with Nick on hand to help troubleshoot any issues you might be having with your scripts and stories.

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Writers Pub Crawl

The Writers Pub Crawl is a chance to get stuck into a project and connect with the writing community while also having a couple of drinks at some great local venues.

We’ll convene at the Carlton Studio at 1pm before making our way to three nearby pubs where we’ll write a paragraph at each stop and enjoy a beer or wine while we’re there (included in the ticket price), and there’ll also be some fun writing prompts along the way.

These have proven to be such a good time, with admittedly a sliding scale of drinks drunk to writing done, usually ending in some great chat. So if you’re interested in having some Sunday sippers and getting some words down as well, please do come along.

Root and Branch with Scott Edgar

Scott Edgar – artist, writer, composer and comedian – guides this introduction to the dynamic art of writing multistrand narratives. Wether you’re wanting to write for video games, role-playing games, interactive experiences, or just want to weave a complex story, these are the skills that will help you do so.

In this workshop we’ll be looking at this huge fledgling art form and together delve into its connections with age-old storytelling traditions, identifying lessons from the past while unraveling the unique challenges presented by interactive narratives.

We’ll also discuss some of the specifics of the craft, including ways to think about branching narratives, different views on character, world building versus plot, and how game mechanics interact with storytelling.

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Past Events:

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Writing for Animation with Nick Watson

Grace Notes – Karen Comer’s book launch

The Storyteller’s Handbook Launch with Elise Hurst

The Storytellers’ Handbook Launch with Elise Hurst