The Young Explorers’ Journal of Forgotten Stories

The Young Explorers’ Journal of Forgotten Stories is a gorgeous annual anthology featuring fictional stories written by the young writers who have attended weekly Inkling Groups and Mentorships.

The high-quality publication is sold in Readings, Carlton, and at The Little Bookroom. Authors range from 6-18 years old and celebrate the publication of their work at our end of year book launch.

The Young Explorers’ Journal of Forgotten Stories Volume 1 came out in 2019, and each year the anthology continues to get bigger. In 2022 the book was published in two parts to accomodate the more than 350 stories, each written by a dedicated and passionate MYWS writer.

Young writers work on their pieces for the book under the guidance of an MYWS Story and Writing Mentor, gaining the invaluable experience of taking an idea all the way from concept, to polished and edited and ready to be set in print.

Tramline of Terror

Tramline of Terror is a slick publication featuring stories written by the writers in MYWS’s Masterclass. Stories in Tramline of Terror are noir tales set in an alternate Melbourne – perfect reading for teens and those who like dystopian themes.


All MYWS publications are also available for special ‘Schools Editions’ each year. Primary and secondary schools can choose from a range of programs run as incursions or excursions with publishing opportunities.

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