Tales From Landlocked: Fly With The Wind by Aurelie Kostova

The rain pounds on the roof of Landlocked as we owls all cuddle together trying to get the most warmth on this stormy day. “Alright everyone I’ve got a lovely story to tell!” says Owen.
        “Uhhhh,” everyone groans. Everyone knows that Owen loves to tell stories. Although some of his stories are true, the majority are lies. He has been to many places here in Ahoy and has had many adventures that he loves to put a little extra spice on. I join the groaning just for the fun of it. I mean at least the story will pass the time.
        “One day I had to fly off to the Dragonridge Mountains to find the rarest ingredient to make our famous Secret Keeper potion. But as I was walking to the middle of the mountains to find the flower leaf I heard a mighty roar! It was very odd even though this is the habitat of the dragons because this was the time they all hibernated. I squawked in fright but then remembered that dragons have fabulous hearing and I tried to fly away but the dragon had spotted me. He was a beautiful dragon. He had purple wings and a sparkly dark blue chest. His eyes were so huge and sparkly that I thought I saw maybe some kindness in them but soon enough he just started roaring very loudly and started to dive towards me. I thought I was about to die but all I got from the teenager dragon was a chipped beak,” he shows everyone the small chip that got chipped off, “and a gnawed wing,” he finishes and he goes around showing everyone his left wing even though everyone in the owl community in Ahoy had seen it before. The rain had slowed down a little and I bet that his story helped. I love Owen even if he loves adding spice to stories because he is the only person that knew my secret: that I don’t want to be a Secret Keeper. I want to be a wizard who brews potions and fights creatures for ingredients for their potions. But maybe that is called dreaming too big. But I think that this story is true and a message for me.