The Ballad of Lost Benjamin by Maks Stankiewicz

Lost Benjamin from the misty isles,
        Decided to sail on the sea
        he wanted to travel, but where?
        You will see

He sailed and sailed,
        he travelled far
        to look for his ship and his boat
        but they are gone, they are.

He travelled to one part,
        he searched through caves
        he did not give up
        even on the waves.

Then a shipwreck
        he was to see
        but his crew were not there.
        So, he kept on sailing on the sea.

Where were they?
        where could they be?
        He searched and sailed
        On the long, blue, sea.

He would not stop
        he would not end it
        he went to a forest then into a den,
        and then he found a light that was lit.

There was a bear
        his name was Brom
        he lit a fire.
        There was an old couch he was sitting on.

Lucky for Benjamin
        he was friendly
        Brom invited him in
        and nudged him gently

Benjamin decided to keep on searching
        through the dark wood
        he did not give up on the adventure,
        he could find them, well he hoped he would.