In the Woods of Ahoy: Part 1 by Maks Stankiewicz

Phillip was a young man who lived with his parents in a house near a forest. He just started Assumption College and he felt embarrassed because he was not good at school. So, he decided to run away. That night he crept out the window with a disguise on. He had a long wavy moustache, his hair was dyed blond and he decided to talk in a different, fancy, way.

When he crept out the creaky window, he ran away. He still lived with his mum and dad because his family were poor. Phillip brought lots of food but he still left some for his parents. When he got outside, he crept towards a forest. The forest was really dark. It was as dark as a cave. Then he saw two glowing eyes. He thought it was a monster so he ran the other way. He then saw that the two eyes were just the old bear Brom.
        “Nice to meet you I am Brom. Are you lost?” he asked.
        “Yes,” replied Phillip, shivering. Then Phillip and Brom introduced themselves to each other. Phillip still talked in his fancy way, just in case Brom recognised who he actually was.
        “I know my way around this forest. Follow me,” said Brom. Sadly, Brom did not know where he was going since it was night. “Sorry, Phillip but I don’t know where I am going,” sighed Brom. “It is pitch black.”
        “Can I sleep with you?” asked Phillip.
        “I live in a pretty small cave but I think you will fit in it,” replied Brom. So, Phillip and Brom snuggled up in Brom’s cave and they went to sleep.

The next morning, when Phillip woke up, he saw Brom waiting for him outside his cave. Then some loud buzzing sounds were getting closer and closer to them.
        “Something scary and bad is happening,” said Brom, alarmed.
        “What, what’s happening?” asked Phillip.
        “There are buzzing sounds and then there are thumping sounds,” replied Brom.
        “That sounds like trees getting cut down,” realised Phillip.
        “They are getting closer” panicked Brom. “Quick! on my back” whispered Brom. “We have to keep quiet”. Then Brom tried to run as fast as possible. Phillip held on and did not let go. “The noises are getting louder” whispered Phillip. Brom tried to go faster but then he stopped…

“The noise is coming from the other side too!” said Brom, alarmed. He ran east and he had good hearing for an old bear. He knew there was no noise this way.
        “Ssshhh,” shushed Phillip. “We have to keep quiet, remember.” Sadly, they had run in circles because they went past Brom’s cave and then they heard the same noises coming their way. They were trapped!! “What are we going to do?” asked Phillip worriedly, forgetting to talk in his fancy way. Brom ignored it though. Phillip closed his eyes and got off Brom. He had to have a reason for it. As the noise got closer, they both could see something. They were machines! But they were ones that not even his dad could build. As a man got out of the giant machine, he stretched. It was his dad, but why… Phillip tried to act like he did not know him, even though it was really hard.

Phillip was struggling for words. It was very hard to be different in front of his dad when his dad did not know that the boy in front of him was actually his own son! “Hi there,” mumbled Phillip, remembering to still talk in his fancy way.
        “Umm… do I know you from somewhere?” asked his dad, recognising Phillip’s face from somewhere. Phillip tried to look different. Then he saw a seliteo. It walked to Phillip like a dog that walks up to its owner. Phillip’s dad went past him and the workers drove past and continued to chop down the trees.

The friendly seliteo looked like a kangaroo but it did not hop, actually it walked on two legs like a human. Of course, like every other animal, it couldn’t talk. Phillip wandered away to Brom’s cave. “Brom!” cried Phillip. “Come and see this”. Brom hoped it was a good thing that Phillip was talking about. Phillip was feeling a sad feeling inside of him. Then when Brom noticed what was happening he too had felt a sad feeling. Brom’s cave got knocked down by the machines that Phillip’s dad used. Then Brom, Phillip and the seliteo went to find another place for Brom in the forest. When they were about to give up the seliteo climbed up a tree and when he reached a branch that was stable enough to hold him, he searched for a good cave to Brom to live in.

Brom’s paws hurt. “Go to the end of the forest, there will be a clue there,” he said. Phillip and the seliteo ran to the end of the forest and they did not stop. When they finally arrived they found a letter. Actually two! Phillip read both of them. One of them said to go to Ahoy and find a “Cave Making Society”. The other one said: Reditus Magicae. A saying used in Ahoy. It identifies members of the Imperium. They are bringing dark magic back to the land.

Phillip thought for a moment. Then he knew why the clues were there…   
        Phillip ran and did not stop for two reasons. He had to tell mum and tell his friends or mostly everyone at school for all of them to know that his dad and his workers were going to bring back dark magic to the land. He sprinted until he reached a bridge to the town of Ahoy. Luckily his house was right in front so he ran to the kitchen where mum was. “Quick mum, to the car!” Phillip cried to make it urgent. His mum followed him to the car.
        “What’s wrong, dear?” she asked.
        “There was a letter that said that dad is evil, and not only that, he is chopping down the trees!” Phillip began. “He is working to bring back dark magic to Ahoy!”
        “And where did you find this nonsense?” his mum asked sternly. Phillip pulled out the two letters.
        “Right here,” he said, showing his mum the note. His mum was confused. She dropped him off at school and Phillip ran to the main building. When he was up there, he opened the door and shouted out to everyone. “You won’t believe what I have just found!!!!!”

Everybody stared at Phillip, they had no idea what was going on. Phillip looked nervous. He glanced down at his one and only friend, Maurice, who was staring at him, but when he noticed that he was looking at him he just smiled and put a thumbs-up. Maurice was a cool kid who was rich and his parents spoiled him. Phillip hung out with him only because he wanted to be a cool kid too. Maurice was a chatterbox.
       Phillip sighed and said, “there are people who are planning to bring back dark magic to the land,” hoping that at least someone would believe him. Instead they all laughed like a kookaburra. Even the teachers and the Principal tried not to laugh. Phillip left. Maurice started to follow him. He wanted to know what was in the bottle. Maurice was actually one of Phillip’s dad’s workers. Phillip gave Maurice the note…

Phillip was confused why Maurice was so eager to read the letter. Maurice was reading with astonishment. He did not want to give away his secret about being one of Phillip’s dad’s workers. Then as quick as a flash, he ripped it in half. Phillip’s heart jumped with surprise, as he of course was not expecting that. Phillip did not know his secret and did not know how to be himself. Even though he was new, he tried to be noticed like all the cool kids. He always wanted to be one. “Why did you do that?” Phillip asked. After what Maurice did, Phillip was speechless. But Maurice just stood there with a smirk on his face.

Then, Maurice ran back to the main area and he cried (so that he could get everybody’s attention) “PHILLIP HAS A NOTE HERE THAT SAYS “Reditus Magicae. A saying used in Ahoy. It identifies members of the Imperium. They are bringing dark magic back to the land.” Everybody had absolutely no idea what he was talking about but they were still pretty surprised. “What is he talking about?” asked a teenage girl. “Who knows what this nonsense means but it is still pretty interesting,” replied a boy that was sitting next to her. Maurice was a bit angry.
        Still outside, Phillip was wondering what to do next…

To be continued…