Tales From Landlocked: the Wrecking of Mayor Mortimer Grimsley by Iris Anderson

“My friends, I must tell you what I just encountered, it was absolutely terrible!” The Mayor had just walked in, frazzled-looking. “I was just walking down through the harbour and a green, scarred version of that well-known Rovi dragon creature thingy picked me up from the tip of my fingernails and flew me into the misty isles.” There were several gasps from the audience “Just in a shallow area, don’t worry yourself, anyway, then the dragon that wasn’t Rovi flew off. Then, I struggled and scrambled back onto land, and a hunter almost shot me! I looked at where the bullet had come from but there was NOTHING there! So, I ran all the way back to my big home, but it looked like it had been taken over.” There were more gasps from the gathering crowd. “So then I ordered one of my servants to pick me up, but nobody came, so I hired a car and drove here.” The crowd looked utterly perplexed, except for one person, who was looking smug. “Get him!” Grimsley shouted, pointing at the smug-looking man.
        The audience ran and after, they captured him and he was put in jail (after he admitted being the hunter and for wrecking Mortimer’s home) and his family paid to fix up Grimsley’s home.

The End