The Beginning by Aurelie Kostova

I sniff the air. What is that? Sniff sniff. All of a sudden I get overwhelmed with the intense scent of tea – earthy, fresh, herbal tea to be exact. I crack a smile. I adore herbal tea and even just the smell of it can lift my mood. 
My stomach rumbles – I realise I am alarmingly hungry. Hungry for some soothing herbal tea. Whether I’ll have to defeat a dragon or a crocodile, I will get my hands on it.
I follow the scent, pushing through thorny bushes and carefully avoiding hazardous tree roots, until I come face to face with an unexpected sight. The back of a dragon with blazing red, scaly skin stops me in my tracks. As the dragon is facing away, I have time to duck behind a bush.“I know you’re there… Evelyn,” the dragon booms.
My mouth gapes open. How the heck does this random dragon know my name? And as the dragon turns, I see it’s holding a delicate china pot and an intricate dish, its piercing purple eyes staring into my soul. 
“Who are you?” is all I can muster.
“I’m Rovi. I’m glad you stumbled upon my tea party because I was getting a little lonely and I’m sure we can agree a tea party by yourself isn’t any fun,” Rovi rumbles.
“Tea par-” I start, but Rovi cuts me off.
“Herbal or white?”
“Um well – herbal tea, I guess,” I say.
Rovi swirls her pointer finger and a cloud of silver dust fills the space she pointed at. A dainty table with matching chairs appears and Rovi nods at them. 
“Sit,” she commands.
Soon a tea cup is sitting in front of me with a spiral of smoke sitting on top of it. I reach down to take a sip.
“So. How’s life, deary?”
“Well – ”
“I know how you are working for the TPOTSC which I also know stands for The Paragons of the Soothsayer Cult, and how you are one of the top spies at Liserria so that’s how you were chosen and how now that you succeed with your cult in destroying Ahoy, you are bored so you are planning on betraying your group in the convoy and also how you have a pet alpaca named Jill…”
I stand up, stricken. “How do you know all this!?”
“Calm down, calm down, no need to stress. I’m a Sabor-Ho Tot dragon, which is ‘know it all’ in Catalan, so, yes – I know it all. But your secrets are safe with me.”
Even though I’m not the kind to trust some random person (or dragon for that matter) after only a few minutes of talking,  Rovi emits a feeling of ‘yOu CaN tRuSt MeEe’ and soon we are having a conversation like we have known each other for years.
“I was just thinking, darling. Thinking about how there is something in you that needs to be heard. I think you need to listen to that… thing, and you will find your true self. You are following others instead of being what you truly are – the leader. Now,” Rovi says standing up, finished with her inspirational speech. “I think you should head off and try to make sense of what I’ve told you.”
As Rovi speaks, I remember a long lost hope. A hope that I thought was long gone. But now I know it has never left. It was just waiting for the right moment. The moment when the hope wouldn’t be a hope but a goal. 
“Yes! Oh my gosh yes! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” I cry, leaping up and out of my chair. I pick up my belongings and quickly stride out the door. “Thanks so much for the tea, hope we can have another tea party soon!” I suddenly have a clear vision in my mind. I am going to create something. Something bigger and better than any ‘Paragons of the Soothsayer Cult’. My own.