Student Work


My eyes shutter open and my brain is pulled out of the trance we call sleep. My mind disposes of all uncertainty, it’s only one week until my untimely demise. Still being 14 my mum insisted I have the time of my short life. I stand up and…

The Crash

My heart thunders in my chest drowning out all sound. My sweaty hands grip the leathery wheel so tightly my knuckles are white, but I can’t see them through my scrunched closed eyes. I feel my ragged, sharp breaths circulating through my body as the seconds tick by.

The Love Scent

Peppermint and Orange. That smell should be fermented into the walls and soaked into the bedsheets. It was a sweet and loving smell. As I saw her that night, all of her, I knew what I had missed. Well, what I had almost missed. Her smell, that sharpness…