My eyes shutter open and my brain is pulled out of the trance we call sleep. My mind disposes of all uncertainty, it’s only one week until my untimely demise. Still being 14 my mum insisted I have the time of my short life.

I stand up and stretch my body and pull out my laptop. I open the computer’s cold lid. I gaze upon the computer. Wait, hang on. The keys I had grown to expect had disappeared and all there was was a big typical button that would detonate or lower something. The top limb of a cylinder was positioned in the centre of the surface, old fashioned writing marked ‘Play Game’ as my eyes zoomed in closer to the surface. 13 black and white pictures of young men were there, next to the lowest one was a slot. I knew I wanted to slot an image of me into there.

There on the window sill was a picture of me, the exact same size as the slot. I knew I shouldn’t, but the urge to satisfy my thoughts overtook me. I carefully extracted the picture out of the frame and slid it into the slot. Without a thought my hand slapped the button.

Light flooded the room and my sight was consumed by light. I felt wind strongly pushing against my face, above me was a blur of blue. I look down, I’m flying…I’M FLYING.