The Underground

A fan fiction tale based on the game “Undertale” by Toby Fox.

“John, bro get up.”

“Where are we?”

“Don’t n…”

“We’re in the Underground.” John said as he looked around.

“How do you know?”

“If you were listening, then you would have heard Day Killer say that we are the Underground Humans and they were the Surface Monsters,” John said annoyed.

Suddenly a small yellow dandelion popped out of the ground. “Howdy, I’m Flowey, You must be new to the underground. Well golly, you’ll need a guide! I guess I’ll have to do.” A red heart came out of the brother’s body and flew just in front of where their heart should be.

“This is your soul, the very accumulation of your being! The more LV you have, the more powerful it will be. LV is shared through little white…” Flowey paused. “Friendliness pellets,” Flowey said nervously. “Here take them!” White pellets appeared from its petals. Josh stood there arms open, ready to be hit before John shoved him out of the way. “Let’s try again,” Flowey said impatiently.

“Don’t push. He/she/it’s trying to help us. We’re better safe than sorry!” Josh thought hard until he got hit and fell to the ground, weak and bloodshed. “You idiots, in this world it’s kill or be killed.”

Flowey laughed demonically as a circle made of the pellets came closer and closer, but stopped just as it was about to kill them. Suddenly Flowey got blasted out of sight.

“Hello, I am Torial caretaker of the RUINS, please follow me to my house.” Torial walked off. The boys followed, sensing that she could be trusted. Torial was a large goat-like figure with a human stature. She had white fluffy skin and two small horns on her head.

“This is the RUINS. I will guide you though the puzzles to reach my home. I have labelled some switches that you must flip to proceed. However, John, I know you are smart, and Josh here is wounded, so I shall escort him and he shall have private lessons later. But this will also be a test of your independence.”

John stood there in awe, wondering how she knew all of this (apart from the wound thing; that was obvious). John found 3 switches, 2 of which he flipped, and the spike door opened.

He then saw a high tile on the ground and stood on it. And then another spike door opened but closed as soon as his foot left the tile. There was a rock in the far-left corner of the room. He put it on the tile and went through the spike door.

Then he encountered a large carpet. He tested the carpet for traps but his foot went right through. He tested until he found a stable path to the other side.
He arrived at a large tree where he found Torial.

“Ah you have come all on your own. I did not think you would get past the carpet challenge without my help.”

“How did you know all that stuff before?”

“I watched you fight. And the names I knew from the conversation you had. Anyway, come in.”

He walked in to see a large house with a kitchen and living room.

“Your bedroom is the first one on the left side.”

John walked to his room where he found a gold coin with 30 written on it and a Butterscotch and Cinnamon pie still hot from the oven. He picked them up, put them on a desk, and collapsed in bed. When he awoke, Josh was standing over him.

“Come on, get up dude! Torial needs to explain something.”

John got up and went to the lounge were Torial sat in a chair.

“Good morning. I need to explain 3 things: “One: LV is an acronym for Level of Violence and is achieved by hurting and killing living things. Two: currency in this world is called gignits or g’s. Three: the king of this world is Assgore Dreamer. Now I must train Josh, so I want you, John, to explore. And if you run into any monsters, then call me and then strike up a friendly conversation until I arrive.”

John walked off and found some sort of frog on the ground. The red heart came out again. He went to get his phone, but it slipped out of his pocket. He went to go get it but when he tried to move, the heart just moved. And even that still had limits.

John could speak though, so he told it he was sparing it. But it just started shooting little fireflies at his heart. He dodged them. He complimented the frog hoping it would show him mercy, but it just tried to shoot him again. And this time he got hit. He wasn’t badly hurt, but a sharp pain jabbed him in the stomach. He pleaded for mercy and the frog went away. His soul came back to him. He then picked up his phone and ran home. He saw a staircase that he had not seen before and went down it. He found a long corridor with a door on the end. He started walking to the door and then Torial came down the stairs.

“It’s safer to play upstairs.”

Torial went back upstairs. John decided that if he got a good night’s sleep, he would be able to properly train in the morning, so he went to bed early. In the morning, he woke up and went to Torial’s chair.

“Good morning, child, I see you went to bed early. Why?”

“So, I could get a good night’s sleep and train hard in the morning. Also, how do I get home?”

“Remain here. I must get Josh.”

John’s body filled with excitement and hope as Torial arrived with Josh.

“Downstairs there is a one-way exit to the RUINS. And before you ask, John, I stopped you from going down because six other children have come, all left.” Torial paused. “All…dead.” Torial stood up and went down stairs. The boys followed.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m destroying the exit to the RUINS, now none who come will die.”

Torial kept walking but the boys kept following. “Assgore’s plan to set all monsters free must not happen. But if you want to leave so badly then you’ll have to get past me.”

The red hearts came out of their bodies.

“Torial no!” John screamed.

Torial shot bullets at the boys. They successfully dodged them all. Seven more attacks passed and each time it was their turn, they just pleaded for mercy.

“Fight or flee!” Torial shouted. Eventually it was impossible to be hit by the bullets. “I know you want to go home, but we can have a good life here too, so please go upstairs.”

“When we came, and you saved us, we had hoped that you would let us go home.”

“You are right, young one, I will let you go.” Their hearts disappeared .“There will be a comedian named Sans, who you must trust to pass through Snowdin. Good bye, little ones.”