The Many Misadventures of Nnethnen Mouns

By Anwita Vasanth Koodalithazhathuveedu The pneumatic tube hisses as I pour myself some hot chocolate- the kind with real chocolate, not the faux-chocolate abomination that the alchemists seem to think are the next big hit- and I try to guess what it could be; new intel? New orders? New… hmm. Read More


By Isobel Bury “Jethro”, I hear. Time to strike.  It’s the perfect night for it.  The Night Bazaar.  Everyone is preoccupied by the fireworks popping above.  Everyone’s heads are turned upwards, away from the action going on below. This plan is flawless. I have thought through this plan again and… Read More


By Sophia Yap Step, step, step. Silently step. Please do not let anyone hear me.  “Remind me why I’m doing this again?” I ask Georgie, my pet hamster that for some reason recently ate a fish.  “………….” (Awkward silence)  “Oh yeah, because SOMEONE KILLED ARIANNA!” My voice now loud. “Well,… Read More

Whispers & Walls

By Leila Romanes That night, silence had a colour. My ears rang with the silver of the night’s hush, swirling like liquid mercury. The field was a desert after the harvest; I didn’t think that anything could have survived the conflagration of dry stalks. My fingers, coated with charcoal, traced… Read More

Clock Coins

By Rufus Herbert What Are Clock Coins? Clock Coins are just like normal coins, except they’re worth more, and they expire. Expiring Clock Coins will expire after a certain amount of time. The time is chosen by the Unseen Administration. All Clock Coins have a small blinking timer on them. Read More

The Heist

By Scout Brown The sun glowed brightly, stars sparkled away, and birds sang. While Evie wasn’t so bright.  “What should I do?! My family moved to the Inner Ring, and I’m still stuck in the Outer Ring! I’m poor and I don’t have a passport,” she says to herself, frowning. Read More

The Outer Ring

By Arabella Kirk Ashala wandered through the dark streets, her high boots splashing in the puddles of who knows what, her satchel thrown across her shoulder. She could see the glistening fairy lights down the lane and the shouts of happy people drinking down at the old bar. Ashala quickly… Read More

The Parcel

by Alexandria Waksberg I pulled my threadbare coat around my shoulders, the wind streaming through the gaps in the fabric and whipping my hair out behind me. It was a cold June day, and the common market was packed with eager shoppers and their bright, pearly smiles. Hagglers shouted discounts… Read More

Petula Percival Letters

Hunter Kirkwood We meet again, for you are begging me to tell you more. For another day is another tale, but a tale of my experience will not leave my lips. At least not today. My main request has been to tell you about the many adventures I had in… Read More

Jona’s Story

PART TWO Kayden Karabardak With the entire family making no income and having no jobs, things weren’t certain for the future of this unfortunate family. Later on this miserable day, James, the father of Jona, thought of a plan. This was his logic: In the inner ring, there are… Read More