The Heist

By Scout Brown

The sun glowed brightly, stars sparkled away, and birds sang. While Evie wasn’t so bright. 

“What should I do?! My family moved to the Inner Ring, and I’m still stuck in the Outer Ring! I’m poor and I don’t have a passport,” she says to herself, frowning. Her stomach has a bad feeling.

RING RINGGGGGGG! Her phone goes after a minute of silence. 

“What now?” she asks, annoyed. She picks up the phone. 


“Ah, hello!” the voice says back. 

“I think you have the wrong number.” 

“No, no, no! Evie, it’s Maya.”

“Ugh, well, now’s not a great time. I’m really mad that I can’t visit my family!” Evie replies. 

“That sucks for you. Hey! I know what will make you feel better, art gallery! I’ll come with you!”

“You’re right. Maybe that can calm me down for a little bit. See you soon.” 

Evie ends the call and flops on her bed. 

“I better get going.” Evie gets up and heads off. 

Moments later…

“Woah. The gallery is beautiful!” she says to herself. “There’s even Andy Warhol’s art too!” 

Suddenly, the gallery door opens. 

“Hey Evie!” Maya says. 

“Hello,” Evie says back. 

“Let’s have a look, yeah?” Maya asks. 

“Obviously!” They scout around. The gallery glows and shines, leaving everyone breathless. 

“Over here, Evie!” Maya calls. 


“Look at these!” Maya points.

“A-are… they pictures from the Inner Ring?” Evie asks, surprised. 

“Probably. It’s gorgeous right?” 


Minutes fly by quickly, and Evie starts going home. 

Evie yawns, “It’s 5:00. I’ll make some pasta and read the magazine.” 

And so she does. 

That night she couldn’t sleep. She constantly felt like something was warning her, but she didn’t know what.