By Sophia Yap

Step, step, step. Silently step. Please do not let anyone hear me. 

“Remind me why I’m doing this again?” I ask Georgie, my pet hamster that for some reason recently ate a fish. 

“………….” (Awkward silence) 

“Oh yeah, because SOMEONE KILLED ARIANNA!” My voice now loud. “Well, let’s move on,” I say to absolutely no one. 

“Okay, so the plan is to look for the Unseen Administration, then knock the guards out and assassinate the mayor. Yeah, totally foolproof,” I sarcastically confirm. I know I was alone in the alleyway at 3:32am in the morning but, knowing Elliana, she probably found a way to eavesdrop on me, anywhere, anytime. That’s probably why she’s one of my best friends. I keep walking, completely oblivious to the gaping hole beneath me.

“Yeek!” I exclaim as I fall. 

“Woah,this place is cool,” I gasp. I start exploring, then, I see a simple ‘C’ etched onto the wall. I keep walking, until a rough hand slaps a blindfold and gag on me, then leads me somewhere else. They lie me on a bed and insert a needle in me.

My heart stops beating.

I die. 

Well, I guess you’re asking, well who was writing this then? 

Well, the answer is me. Elliana. I killed Ariana and Adrianna. And you’re next.