Jona's Story


Kayden Karabardak

With the entire family making no income and having no jobs, things weren’t certain for the future of this unfortunate family.

Later on this miserable day, James, the father of Jona, thought of a plan. This was his logic: In the inner ring, there are more jobs around and a much healthier economy. This means that if they transport back to where they started, maybe they could have a chance of getting their life back on track, like how it used to be. Without thinking, he excitedly explained to the rest of the members of the family. Loving the idea, they hopped on board. All eyes were on this mysterious family and their tactical plan.

The next morning, Jona was eager to start planning. The family had already dated the heist, and much to Jona’s surprise, it was only a couple of days away. Right after he had set up marks in the dirt so he could start counting the days right away, he got straight into it. And when I say straight into it, I mean him spending 24/7 planning this adventurous journey. Days passed, Jona and his family had perfectly marked every possible outcome in the scenario, not always just listing the best-case outcome. Finally, the day arrived, and the entire family was up early, ready to get some tactical talk right before the event that was about to change their lives, either in a good way or in a horrific way.