Jona’s Story 


Kayden Karabardak

In the corners of this mysterious city, lives one unfortunate young man, who grew up selling mysterious potions from the young age of four. Things have been hard for Jona and his family since they went broke. Jona and his family had been living in the outer ring of this very mysterious Clockwork City. Once, Jona and his family lived in the Inner ring, where he grew up. Things have been going downhill at an alarming rate since Jona’s before-wealthy family were spending way too much money, so much so, everything started going downhill. Interest rates were on the rise, their stocks weren’t doing well anymore, and Jona’s dad’s previously successful company wasn’t making a profit. Everything frantically started falling apart. First, they got booted out of the inner ring with the amount of profit of the family to blame. Eventually, things started getting even worse. Before long, their family was getting booted out once again, but this time to a place they had dreaded for all their lives, THE OUTER RING! So ever since then, they have been living in this dodgy and mysterious part of the even more mysterious Clockwork City. Adapting took some time but Jona’s family had actually been doing alright. (By the way, I mean by fitting in). Financially, a whole different story. Things have been getting even worse!