Writers involved in Melbourne Young Writers’ Studio programs have the opportunity to have their work published on an ever expanding range of blogs.

The Ahoy Project Blog

Ahoy is a collaborative world building project where young writers are able to explore and bring to life the people, places and strange adventures of this curated world. Many of the stories are connected, whether by characters, plots or just through the immersive setting.

The Ahoy Blog is where you can find stories about the denizens of Ahoy! The interactive map will take you to all the stories that take place in the location you select.


The MYWS Blog is where you will find articles written by MYWS Story and Writing Mentors. Gain insight into the craft of storytelling and gather useful tips and tools to add to your writing toolkit!

Postcards From Afar

Postcards From Afar was a covid concept aimed at connecting young writers during lockdown and bringing a creative escape to their doorstep. Their postcards are wild and imaginative, heart-warming and funny.