Story Studio Magic


The Clockwork City 

A collaborative world of exploration and adventure! The Clockwork City is a mysterious walled city with strange rules and rituals. Unsure what exactly lies beyond the towering structures that protects (or traps) them, the city’s residents are tasked with uncovering the many secrets and mysteries of the city and beyond… You can read stories from The Clockwork City written by young writers via The Clockwork City Blog!

The Quarterly Quill

In Term 1, we launched our first issue of MYWS’ newspaper – The Quarterly Quill. The newspaper is a strange and whimsical publication written by our young writers for our young writers and the broader MYWS community. The digital newspaper (with some physical copies available) brings you the latest in MYWS news, from the coverage of weather and sports from fictional universes, hard-hitting opinion pieces to peculiar classified ads.

Holiday Programs

We’ve run some weird and wonderful holiday programs in 2023! From Sherlock Holmes inspired days of mystery to epic escape room collaborations with Ukiyo – there was so much immersive fun and so many incredible stories created!

School Incursions and Excursions

Primary school and secondary school incursions and excursions have been happening all year, with some exceptionally fun screenwriting programs and days of detective work, cracking cases and solving crimes!


A brand new publishing opportunity in Term 1, 2024, all about crafting Fan Fiction inspired stories! That’s right – young writers will weave tales set in their favourite worlds featuring their favourite characters and have them published in a digital publication. Plenty more on this new project to come…