Illusions by Sarah Freer

A giant sunfish floats in front of me. I had always heard the captain talking of the creatures but never had I witnessed one up close. Stupid Stjarnajard I heard him mumble one day, I wandered off as he and his acquaintance started to argue. I would not do that if I had my time again, this is the Afeared Wilds. Suddenly the giant sunfish opened its mouth to reveal several women dressed in brightly coloured silk and tule. They started to perform an intricate dance I had only just recognized from an Ahoy festival all while mumbling a repetitive song that seemed from another language. My slimy skin tightened as a shady figure stepped out between the women and whipped out what seems to be an iPad. The image on the screen was of both of my beloved captains tied to a tree, their faces, covered by a cloth.
They were a hostage.