Land Ahoy, Dungun Prison Part Three by Christian Lazzaro

Land Ahoy, Dungun Prison Part Three

Land Ahoy! Lion pulled himself onto the damp shore of Ahoy and stood up. He took off his top and drained it out on the sand. He casually walked down to the shore and looked out. The silhouette of Dungun prison was there, with smoke coming out of the top and a big hole in the middle. Lion thought about going back to help the people who had fought against him for just one second, but no. He needed to go for the copper wheel to become human, so he wasn’t feared, not unloved, not alone.

The sound of a siren brought Lion back to reality, he was in fact alone, and on the run from General Mancenbourer and the Ahoy army. They were after him, behind him. Lion bolted upright to the sounds of footsteps and sprinted down across the shore of the beach. The army sped behind him, cornering him off. Lion could keep running and outrun the army easy, but there was one problem, he was running out of the beach! A little wall separated the beach from the great desert, a permanent place of hiding. Lion could run there, and stay hidden. General Mancenbourer was on a roaring helicopter up above, calling the shots and orders on the battle. Lion needed a way to get up and over the 5-meter wall which was holding him back from freedom. The army was deployed from boats coming from the bay, all jumping onto the sand and firing at Lion. A few shots came close to Lion, but none of them hit him until General Mancenbourer ordered the helicopter to fire on him, Lion was instantly impaled with bullets, but his body seemed to absorb them. Lion had run out of the beach, places to run. He took a leap of faith over a boat and grabbed onto the bottom of the helicopter. General Mancenbourer was outraged. Lion swung up, kicked open the window and landed on General Mancenbourer and the pilot. Lion tossed the General out of the helicopter into the water, and whilst for the pilot, he got tossed onto the army. Now, Lion was in control of a helicopter, he had the advantage.
Lion had been flying into the night, and as the sun rose, a problem arose. The helicopter lost a propellor. He spiralled down to the ground and exploded a tree on impact. Lion walked out of the wreckage to discover he landed in a forest.

“Hello?” shouted out Lion, expecting to find a response. Behind the blazing tree was a little tavern.
He tiptoed into the tavern only to find an array of yelling people having fun and smiling and laughing. He sat down at the bar and ordered pure snake venom and a bit of lemonade. He sculled the mixture and left for the toilet. When he returned, three girls were sitting in his spot.
“That’s my spot” muttered Lion. He moved to a nearby table and began to give the girls a death stare, meaning to move. The lion had a short temper, it came with his werewolf self, and he could control it. One of the girls gets up and tiptoes over to Lion with an emotionless look on her face.
“What are you looking at creep,” she whispered into his ear.
“Get off my spot young lady or I will take action. You see that blazing tree outside, that was me.”
All of a sudden Lion felt a sharp pain crawl up his arm.
“You see that finger on the floor, that was me,” whispered the girl.
The finger was still bleeding, covered in blood.
“Agggggghhhhh,” yelled Lion.
“From who?” said the girl.
Lion whispered, “Mancenbourer”
“No way, you are screwed,” she whispered.
“You’re not the type I would have thought to curse.”
“I know, I shouldn’t swear in front of a kid. How old are you, 16?”
She coughs, “19,” she says.
Sirens blur in the background.
“Oh NEKUPH, Mancenbourer, the army!”

Lion ran off and stole a car and drove to Yoha. He found a cabin similar to the bar he found, but there was no one in there except an old Granny.
“Hello?!” yelled out Lion puzzled.
He had thought he travelled far away, but this cabin felt soo familiar. He could smell the musty smell of the bar and the taste of blood. He walked into the cabin towards granny. As this was happening, Lion noted Granny’s eyes turning red before she let out a devilish cackle. Lion swung at Granny, knocking her dentures. All of a sudden Granny’s dentures popped out, turning purple. NOW, the dentures were growing, each tooth separating from the dentures. The teeth swallowed Granny whole and started tearing down the cabin they were in. The lava rain was thudding on the cabin roof, turning to stone before touching the ground. The teeth now had almost devoured the whole cabin. Canbee, a girl who was in the room with Lion, charged ferociously at the teeth, brandishing her gun. She fired vigorously at one tooth, shattering a tooth, but to Canbees and everyone else’s dismay, Granny pooped out from the tooth’s ashes. Granny thrashed her bone sword at Canbee, instantly killing her.

Granny peeled off Canbees bones and made a new sword, slowly sucking the flesh off of Canbees bones before licking off the blood with her gums. Behind Granny, a purple tooth appeared and devoured Granny whole. The thunder from the lava rain began to bang ferociously and a silhouette of a man begins to form in the lightning. Lion could taste metal in his mouth, the taste sickening him. The lightning man began to Zapp and vaporise the teeth, turning them to ash with each shot. Granny also had no chance, she too got vaporised by the lightning man. The bar girl sprinted in yelling gibberish, then, jumped up brandishing her dagger at the lightning man. She got pulled up into the storm, screaming. Now, it is all up to Lion to kill the lightning man. He jumped up to the storm, screaming, as the man pulled him towards the clouds. Lion felt the air whooshing past him as he rose up to the clouds. When he got there, up above, he found the bar girl.
“Give me my finger back!” yelled Lion.
The bar girl yelled back, “no, finders keepers.”
In Lions’ frustration, he charged at the lightning man, screaming and brandishing his nails. The man let off a deafening bolt of electricity to Lion, Lion was not going to survive this. He felt a warm hand grasping his four-fingered hand, it was the bar girl. The lightning man emitted all of his electricity onto Lion. The man disappeared into a single powerful lightning strike before hitting Lions’ arm, transmitting electricity through him to the bar girl. She is burnt to a crisp and falls back down to earth, but Lion just floated down softly. The lighting man was no more. Lightning’s body hits the ground next to the bar girl’s ashes, landing with no more than a thud.
Lions’ eyes flashed white as lightning bolts emitted from his body. Lion was updated to God status in Yoha.