Starfall by Itsara Lee

The sounds of the tavern’s music wisped through my ears as I absent-mindedly traced the rim of my cup.

“Hey, partner!” I look around, startled. “What about that yarn you were spinning us just a few minutes ago? Something about… starfall?”

I blink and regain my composure. 

“Oh, yeah. I went out of my house with the avalanche right behind me, when my sister’s hand- slipped out of my grasp, you know? She fell on the porch, and I rolled down the stairs leading down to my front yard.” My knuckles turn white as I squeeze my drink. “She died that day. The avalanche crushed my house, and her along with it.” 

I look up and see the group of people crowded around me. 

“Let’s buy him a drink. Look at the man, he deserves it.” I hear a voice from the crowd. 

“Hear, hear. I know what it’s like to lose a sister.” Another voice makes its way through the din of the pub. The bartender smiles, leans down and grabs two bottles of beer, placing them in front of me. “Here you go, son. On the house, for your little sister.” I smile, and pour the amber liquid into my cup. Taking a huge swig, I wipe my mouth and feel the warmth of the liquor make its way down to my stomach, doing nothing to console the cold, bitter hatred I have for the event that killed my sister.