The Curse Of The Dark by Jennifer Fredericks

Shifting the knob, I finally hit the right station, the log of Captain Barnabas. There was a loud rush of noise, sounds of waves crashing and birds cawing. Then I heard a roar, and screaming. The roar was monstrous and it sounded strangely familiar. The beast of the dark, the Basilisk. That beast wrecked havoc upon my ancestors and the lives of too many innocents. I lost my family to this beast. The radio suddenly cut out, and I was left in silence, shivering. My cabin mates, Ezra and Yvalza began to talk, but I couldn’t hear anything. The loud ringing in my ears drowned out the frantic protests of my friends. I closed my eyes, but all I could see was the glowing yellow eyes of the Beast of The Dark. My body started to ache, remembering the last time I came face to face with the Lord of Serpents. The last time I saw the sun. I lost everything that day, and then worst of all, he took her from me.

I held up my ring, admiring the Amolite in the centre. This rare gem only gave light to those who wear it and after the encounter with the Basilisk, I was blinded. A curse was put upon me, only allowing me to see with the light of the Amolite. The sun burned me and I was shrouded in darkness, and the thing that penetrated the veil of shadow was the rarest gem in the world. The purple gem started to glow and I made my way to my quarters. I knew that I was putting my crew in danger just by my presence, Basilisks could sense Amolite. The Basilk wanted revenge, revenge for the last time I faced the Beast. The beast’s rage from being defeated was obvious. I knew it wanted me, how? I don’t know. Some days, I had weird dreams of a state of nothingness, just eternal emptiness, with no core definition of who I am. I saw snippets of memories, of death and destruction, endless corpses and blood. I sometimes had a craving for this madness, this rebirth of death.