Mountaintop Gathering by Emily Le Couteur

I sat by the crackling fire, on top of the mountainous island. The opening of the cave rolled to the side, and Rovi gestured for us to come in. There was an aroma of flowers, and herbs. All sorts of creatures entered the rocky cave. There were two lanterns on either side of the cave. Teacups were on the table and logs set up as seats. She poured tea into each mug and passed it on to everyone. By the time we each started sipping on our tea, a young girl, probably two years younger than me, raised her hand.
“Yes!” Rovi said encouragingly.
“Hi,” The girl said, “I am Lucia, and I am a level five witch.”
Most of the creatures gasped, but some leaned in, intrigued.
“I want to know how to restore the power of Ahoy. I know you know! I am doing this for my family. They are lost in the desert, and I am trying to help them back home. Please, Rovi.”
“Well… No, No. It’s too dangerous.” Rovi sounded scared, petrified even.
“Are you Ok, Rovi?” I reached out and decided to ask how she was feeling.
I was also embarrassed, so I gulped back the sweet tasting camomile and snatched a biscuit out of the plate. I shoved it in my mouth and glanced straight down.

To be continued …