Diary Entry by Sophie Nikolarakos

Diary Entry

7:28 strides past midday

My stomach still feels like butterflies. I can’t seem to shake them. I need to, and soon, because if anyone finds out, it’s over for me. I probably, on second thoughts, shouldn’t be writing, just in case. The Elders called a meeting today. We had to sit and wait for them to emerge for about a stride, and when they did, they hardly told us anything. I heard rumours though. Of course I did. Something about Giants Hollow and the magic. I went to check the Qerrassa. The moon goddesses must not have been shining as bright because they were all droopy and sad. It’s almost as though the air I am breathing ihas changed. Something’s off. I can almost feel it in my bones. But what, I don’t know. Fingers crossed everything’s ok.