Someone’s Been Murdered by Edison Donnelly

Everything was silent. The only sound was the crunching of the detective’s shoes on the hard ground with leaves and branches strewn across the floor. It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. But there was still the rustling of branches and the wind whistling. A swing was slightly squeaking and creaking as it slowly swung back and forth. Everything else was still. Claire’s house was just up ahead, sitting in the deep, lonely forest. 

Kenzy Miles
13 Winton St
London, 3078

Dear Claire E. Anderson,

Investigations of your father’s disappearance has been further told. When he left the hop the camera showed a black van and someone getting out. Maxamillian Anderson seemed stunned but then seemed to recognise them. He started to run, the person chasing after him. The police were notified and we asked around to see if anyone saw anything. No suspects, victims or witnesses just yet. We will get to the bottom of this. I promise. Mr Angus Widfiend has said he has seen something, but is refusing to tell. Until further notice, we have no information. Your mother’s cause-of-death has not been identified. We are deeply sorry, but soon enough the investigation would quit despite how low the lack of money is. I am sorry. We are continuing to look for the culprit, but investigators have failed and demanded us pay charges. Nina, your bank manager is not at all happy with the culprit as it has caused you deep stress. Window and Gallery managers aren’t either, due to the closing of the gallery where the body was found. It is highly restricted, which means the lack of money pile is growing low pretty fast. I will be in touch, Claire. It will be our only hope that you investigate. It is just a suggestion though.


Merida White, Kenzy Miles, Florida Widster

This was the letter Claire had received the day before. It wasn’t at all great news, then again it never was. Desamond, Spencer, Max, Eve, Violet and Claire’s sisters, Iris, Scarlett and Summer were very cold in the winter air. Claire read the letter again, but she knew it wouldn’t mend her everlasting loneliness. London was extremely wet and freezing, so it wasn’t helping. Claire had lost her mother when she was shot in the stomach. She had died of blood loss and all that sad stuff. The murder has wreaked havoc. And something was fishy, and it’s not Miley Fish. The first clue was Trix. The two 12 year olds, Claire and Eve were notified that Trix the Blue Pixie had witnessed a sight of Ava Anderson. Claire wasn’t all that impressed with the mission. The only upside for the two was the fact they’d finally be recognised for who they were.

“Which way now, Milly?” sighed Lily, trying to hide her exhaustion and her unease with a fake smile.
“West. I think. Trix might be the only person to help us, Lils! We have to do this!” Milly urged her best friend.
“I didn’t say no!” argued Lily, harrumphing, and folding her arms across her chest. 
Eve is not going to be very easy to persuade, Claire thought.
She could only think about getting back to Violet Whisper and Spencer Harper. And her father, Maximilian, and her sisters Scarlett, Iris and Summer. But she mostly missed her caligo coloured kitten Tilly. It was hard as it was the four of them and two pets. Tilly and a black greyhound, Harper. She named him after Spencer. She may like Spencer a massive amount more than a friend. Milly checked her phone messages. It was completely packed!

Spencer: Hey!
Violet: Hi, what’s up?
Spencer: Not much…
Claire: I am still working on the case, what are you doing?
Spencer: learning how to drive behind the wheel of a golf car 😊, how ‘bout u Max?
Max: Good
Claire: ok, Violet?
Violet: Not much, eating macaroni now, while watching this video about revealing holograms sent by Miss Witherwood…
Claire: Eve is a bit stressed…
Eve: Am not
Claire: Gotta go, catch u later!
Violet: K, bye!
Max: See u
Spencer: byeee

Eve glared at her from above the top of her phone case. Claire’s was rose gold with a cat and ice creams on it. Eve didn’t know what the problem was.
“Are you sure about this?” Eve asked.
“Of course,” sighed Claire sarcastically. 
She tried to sound more confident than she felt. The two saw Trix fly out as light as a feather. She was carrying a weaved basket and picking beautiful white roses. Claire was too entertained to be careful. She walked into a giant pile of leaves.
“Claire! NO!” Eve cried, flinging her arms towards her friends.
A bamboo net flung up and shaped its way around the two girls and they soon found themselves high up in a tree, hanging by a stable branch. Trix came to them, fluttering gracefully like nothing happened at all.
“Well, well, well who do we have here?” she chuckled, grinning and snickering to herself before cackling hysterically.
“Can you please let us down?”’ begged Claire.
“No way!” retorted the tiny blue pixie going a bit purple. Now indigo.
“Why!? What are you going to do to us!” demanded the now pink Eve. 

Claire awoke with a gasp. It was a frightening dream. But she still had the letter, and the death of her mum, and the disappearance of her dad weighing her down with guilt and loneliness. Claire Anderson was not who everyone thought she was… she was a fake. She knows that too. But she also knew the last person by her mother’s side was Makolong. Lilah Makolong. She had been an arch-nemesis of Ava Anderson. Claire was devastated. She wasn’t happy that Lilah had done this, but she also knew where her father was. He was in Ahoy Art Gallery. It would make sense, as the van had later driven off in that direction. There were no places around the gallery. 
Claire was walking out of the police station. Lilah had been caught and now. It was time for the gallery. It made sense to Claire that her theory was correct. After all, there was no other explanation for his disappearance. Claire thought she knew he was in the gallery’s basement. So that is where she went first. She found her father quickly. But… he wasn’t her father. He was Eve’s. She knew she had to find him, after all Eve had been different lately. Claire’s father had died in a car accident. Her grandparents who were looking after her died a few weeks ago, so she’s been living with Violet. She might be adopted. After all, who knows?