Dan and the Dragons by Maks Stankiewicz

I liked adventuring, but after my dad finished his last adventure, everyone was bored. There were no dragons, no action, no fun. I wanted an adventure of my own. My name is Dan Sledgehammer, by the way, I have a dog, Rocky, and a cat, Fluffy. Rocky has a necklace that Dad gave him. Fluffy just has white fur. Surprisingly, they get along well, but my neighbours don’t like animals. They always are in the house, sleeping in or playing video games! I am not like that. My mum never let me go out of the house unless it was for work. I work at the mines of Ahoy in Giant’s Hollow. It looks a bit creepy but on one side, near the forest is the village I live in. Along with some of my friends who thought by dad was weird. I told them that they were jealous. On one of his adventures, dad had brought four swords, each having its own element. Fire, water, ice, and lightning. The time he left was when he looked for dragons. He never came back. I looked at the swords, then at the daily news. In Ahoy, there was a sudden freeze! It looked like a big chunk of ice! Who was using it and why was the town suddenly frozen? The ice block spread across the entire city, as if it owned it. It looked a pale-ish sort of colour and the people were frozen.

No one had volunteered to go and explore so I knew I had my chance for some action. Mum let me and as I grabbed the four swords, I thought I was responsible enough to get my own decisions from myself. I walked down the village road, carrying the backpack I had brought for this long adventure.
My friends, Will and Sam came to me and wanted to assist me. The forest was long but that was not the least of my problems. Sam was lost, again. He kept on getting lost. Will went to look for him while I continued my journey. I met some elves who were more tiresome than usual. They also worked only a bit; they were lazy. I chopped some trees for a raft against the river or the large sea. I also made a sail and a paddle for the long ride. Suddenly, a tornado struck, I paddled faster than I ever did. It was 300m high and was hurling to me! Panic struck me, fast. This was my first ever journey but that was not only the problem…

A DRAGON! I am terrified of dragons! I knew lots live in Ahoy and some in Giants Hollow but I still didn’t like it! The blue dragon rocketed towards me. It got me on its back and took me the opposite way. Where was I going? It was only a few seconds before I was in Stjarnagard! It was already 9 hours, I only had one hour left! I was on one of the floating mountains with dragons surrounding me. There was another distress call, it was coming from under me. I jumped down, not scared, hands and legs, all making me look like I was doing air-star jump. I seriously was looking down at the rocky bottom, with only 45 minutes to go.

There was a man here. He looked old, and his clothes were dusty. He looked a bit familiar… He was my dad! I hugged him so hard, he must have suffocated but he didn’t. We sat down by the fire he had and I told him about my whole journey.
“So you are my Dad!”
“Yes, I have been here all this time, searching for the dark amulet of dragons in Stjarnagard!”
“Why didn’t you come back?”
“I lost my way, and the dragons are a bit creepy, so I had to stay.”
“Any luck finding anything?”
“No, but enough of my answering, I need to ask you a thing or two; how did you get here?”
“l needed a quest of my own because at home there is nothing to do!”
“There has been a freeze in the main village of Ahoy, no one wants to go so I knew I had to!”
“Shh, the dragons are coming!”
“Wait, did you hear that?”

The dragon stood still, it started to move against my hand. My dad and I hopped on, now not fearing dragons as much.
“Wow!” I exclaimed; I have never actually gone past a real dragon before. Its scales really stood out, white and smooth.
“Well, hop on!” his dad said excitedly, in about three seconds, with I and his dad on its back, the dragon started flying.
But not just any flying, it pretty much teleported to another world. In a blink of an eye, me, Dad, and the white, scaly dragon were somewhere else. Luckily, it was in Ahoy, and just where they needed to be too! They were next to the big, white chunk of ice. There were still 30 minutes left before it melts. There were still two unanswered questions, how did the dragon know where to go and who caused this freeze? It looked exactly how it looked on the news, except bigger! I almost fell. My fire sword I had, turned out to be especially useful, I melted the village. It was a big surprise when the people were still cold. Not hot because of the fire sword.

What surprised me more was when a large dragon appeared behind us. It was long, black, and seemed to breath all sorts of weird things. It was him who froze the village. On his back was no one other than Sam! Why was he there? Will had been looking for him, it was him all along? I was confused but two seconds later the cops came and arrested him. Or did they? It seemed like Sam ran away. The dragon had an amulet on its back which now fell on its back, rolled down on his purple tail and dropped. They dragon seemed powerless without it. It dropped, literally dropped, right by us. Dragons continued questioning me but you never know, they might be friends with us or help us! I knew he was my friend, but my best friend was dad. The dragons lived in peace from then on with the humans and Dad, Will and I were known as heroes.

That night, on the main Ahoy stage, Dad and I were congratulated. There were we got a medal, and we made the rescue. There was only one second left on the time. Dad, Mum, the pets, and I were happy since then. Dad and I went on a lot more adventures. Now he was talking!
On one of our quests on the undiscovered river on the east, I asked him something; “What was so special about that amulet?”
“It had the power to summon a gigantic darkness on the entire land on Ahoy. The most powerful amulet ever!”
“Wow. It is a great pity that we didn’t get it!”
“I wouldn’t be so sure!”
Then, with me holding my breath tight, Dad pulled out the amulet from his bag! It had a bit broken; Sam might have taken it but I wasn’t worried. The worst that could happen was someone stealing it.
When we got home, he put it in a bullet-proof glass cabinet that he had for years and hasn’t broken yet. He kept that in another glass, bullet-proof glass cabinet so we were all not worrying about that. There were so many adventures to be done!