The Quadruple by Arjunaa Kandeepan

The Quadruple: New Beast (Part 1)

It had been a whole month since Ricorard moved into the neighbourhood, and he was getting along nicely with them. They were putting on a surprise event which was A Big Welcome for him. That was until there was a report on TV.
“This is the one and only noos, and we report that a storm is heading to Jaffaana, Stjarnagard, after travelling from The Great Dessert.”
This was an enormous shock for the quadruple because the Stjernegaard Island they were on was Jaffaana! There had been many reports of a dangerous sandstorm approaching. The sandstorm was brown and dusty. It had numerous objects orbiting around it that the sandstorm had picked up.
They yelled to the neighbours, “Sandstorm approach! Retreat!”
The whole and the only neighbourhood in Jaffaana packed everything and were forced to leave the place because of the sandstorm. The four suspected that this was foul play and it was created by someone evil. They went to a detective area to have a look at recent footage. They observed that in every video, that the same person was included. It looked like a guy that Ricorard was familiar with. At start, no one could figure out what that was, until Ricorard stood up.
“I see three people at all events! If we interrogate them, we might even be able to solve the crime!”
They all dashed to the interrogating room at Ahoy Central which was closer than usual since they were in the building on the side of it.
“Now dad, why did you do this?” Ricorard questioned.
“How did you know I did the sandstorm? Well, anyways, I did it because of the family rules, Ricorard.”
“Now I know what happened!” he exclaimed.
His family rules are that if there are not four family members, the crystal ball of safety will be destroyed! And if that is destroyed, a sandstorm unleashes! It was certain that they had to fix the crystal ball. The only way to fix it was by connecting the parts together at midday under a solar eclipse. It was fortunate that an eclipse was in two Ahoy hours AKA Est. four and a half Earth hours. That meant there houses wouldn’t get destroyed because that was destroyed in five Earth hours AKA Est. two Ahoy hours. It was a race to save the place!

The Quadruple: A New Beast (Part 2)

The crystal ball was located at Ahoy’s Rendor, aka the place Bodeng and Rico discovered, but Ricorard discovered the top part, and was under the Golden Flower. It was a time bomb event for them and they had no understanding of the word “rush”. They went in De Dasher (Ahoy’s fastest car) because Ricorard was human again (creature Ricorard faster), and if he was a creature, he wouldn’t have enough stamina to produce energy to approach there. After having enough speed, they started to hover in the air because the entrance was through Bodeng and Will’s house, under a rug. They crept in, making sure they weren’t caught on Jaffaana because the new President, Will Drewman, announced that Jaffaana is banned from visits and there were cops cornering every possible attraction, including houses. They decided to enter through the back door which the cops hadn’t observed, then carried and re-moved the rug, went in, and put the rug back on. This was an unexplored place to Will and Ricorard because it was only Rico and Bodeng who had delved in this place so they quickly took a nature walk. They wisely agreed that they would each explore their own region and hunt the Golden Flower. It was Ricorard who witnessed the Golden Flower first so they dug it up. There wasn’t a cracked crystal ball in sight, yet there were many crystals. Also, a note with Ricorard’s stepdad signature had been witnessed. Well done! You accomplished finding the Golden Flower! However, the ball will not be in your vision! That because I threw it up________! If you really want it, go up________!
“Oh, of course. Stepdad was writing with an ink pen and he kept it somewhere hot! Heat erases ink!” Ricorard sighed.
“So if we sneak it in the freezer, it shall be okay. Only one of us shall leave for the time being. We all don’t want to get caught! Ricorard shall not exit because the cops still are fooled that you’re a villain, so I will leave,” Bodeng replied.
He grasped the note from Ricorard and he dashed away.
As gentle as lifting a feather, Bodeng lifted the rug and snuck the note in the freezer. He leapt in the hole and covered it with the rug.

The Quadruple: A new Beast (Part 3)

About an Ahoy 30 minutes later, Bodeng and the group visualised that the cops had left, so they grasped the note. Now the note said: Well done! You accomplished finding the Golden Flower! However, the ball will not be in your vision! That’s because I threw it up a tree! If you really want it, go up the tree!
They went in the hole and climbed up the tree and then they took De Dasher, and set it to maximum speed. They rushed to Ahoy city, and saw there was the countdown for the eclipse. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0! Ricorard pulled the pieces together on zero, and then, a purple, illuminated flash occurred in the sky. After the flash, the big storm had stopped it’s harmful duty! It was no longer in view of anybody. Ricorard shot his hands in the air and was running around, celebrating. Hooray for Ricorard, the new hero!