The Kraken by Jojo Jasmine Walford

The Red Person

I was having a long slumber until I heard a clink. I opened my eye and saw a flick of red. I tried to grab them but they got away. I looked down and all my body-washing tools were gone. I shrieked with horror, so loudly that it sounded even worse than my old squid teacher’s tentacles scraping the seaboard. I chased after them up to a small ship (well, small for me, but really big for humans). There was a flash of red climbing a ladder up to the deck. I went over to get a closer look, when the ship started to move. It knocked me on the head, crashing to the sea bed, making a big cloud of sand. Finally I got back up and the ship was gone.


I came to the shore at last.
“Phew!” I said, “That was a close one!”
I looked down at my soaking wet red wetsuit and back to the deck. There was a man selling ice cream. He waved to me. It was my uncle John. I walked over to him and showed him some interesting-looking shells that I had found on the sea bed. They looked like they had squid markings on them. What I didn’t tell him was that I had found them next to a Kraken. He would never have believed me!