Ghost Puppy by Ruby Hartley

Ghost Puppy was walking in some creepy caves on her way to the graveyard playground. Ghost Puppy lived in the creepy caves but had called some ghosts to meet at the graveyard playground.
The ghosts said, no! Because they thought that Blood Mountains was a better idea but Ghost Puppy said, no! Because she knew that the ghosts were trying to kill her. She knew all the ghosts in the Blood Mountains. Ghost Puppy went to the graveyard playground. When Ghost Puppy got to the graveyard playground all she could see was fog. Ghost Puppy played in the playground before going back to the creepy caves where she had a nap.

Then Ghost Puppy woke up and went to get the Singing Sword to kill the ghosts. She had to go to Blood Mountains where the ghosts lived. She rode her bike. The ghosts in the Blood Mountains were scared of the Singing Sword. When Ghost Puppy got to the ghosts, she hit them with the Singing Sword and the sting of the sword killed the ghosts. Ghost Puppy was safe.