The Gold Casopia by Jennifer Fredericks

Deep, deep, deep below the Misty Isles lies the legendary Casopia. I knew that Casopia wanted to find it’s master but it was terrorising everyone. The monstrous Gold Casopia lurks deep below the Misty Isles, terrifying fishermen. It is the centre of hunting. The Gold Casopia is a monstrous giant octopus with tentacles made out of gold. It was created by the mighty sea god to keep him company, but one day the great ocean god disappeared. Now the great Gold Casopia roams the seas looking for his great ocean master. It is the subject of hunting after the legend of the Gold Tentacles of the Gold Casopia.

I journeyed out to the Misty Isles and as I dived in. I wondered, Was this the right thing to do? To go help a deadly sea monster, unsure if the sea creature would want me there… I started to turn back but the boat was already gone.

I entered the Casopia’s slimy lair and was blinded by the gold. I temporarily lost my ability to breathe and I started coughing up water. Then I saw it… the great Gold Casopia. It was beautifully deadly. Over six times as big as the Town Hall. The huge squid lashed out and I ducked. I briefly saw the Casopia’s face. It looked abandoned and hurt. I sighed and touched its tentacle. A small piece of pure gold fell in my hands. I frowned but had no time to do anything else.

I coughed and looked down at the watery abyss and kicked to the surface. The Casopia reached out it’s blinding tentacles. I was being sucked down into the deep nothingness. I managed to get to the surface but the boat was all the way over by the islands. The Casopia started to swim up to the surface and I swam as fast as I could. I screamed to the sky and the boat started to turn around. I swam to the boat with the Casopia hot on my heels. I grabbed the boat and pulled myself up to the steering wheel. Strangely my driver Johnny was nowhere to be found. The Misty Isles worked in strange ways. The Casopia was catching up to me. I steered the boat home as fast as I could and luckily the Casopia was lost back at sea. The gold piece from the Casopia slowly started to fade until it was a dull grey. The secrets of the Misty Isles were still hidden.