Dungun Prison: Part 2 by Christian Lazzaro

Christian Lazzaro

Part Two

Mortimer Grimsley sat down on his seat, listening to He’s a Jolly Good Fellow. That was Alfred Grimsley’s favourite tune. It was a day the whole of Ahoy was moaning about. After the ceremony Mortimer returned home to his mansion overlooking Ahoy. At that moment nothing could be worse.
Mortimer jumped to the surprising sound of his huge double doors slamming open. Two men ran in with scared expressions on their faces, which made Mortimer frustrated.
“What do you think you’re doing?” he yelled.
“Ahem, Sir,” the first man mumbled. He was tall and thin. His black cloak-brushing against his leg as Mortimer’s fan blew against it. “We have a situation.”
“Um, your Highness-”
“Just call me Mayor Grimsley,” whispered Mortimer. The second guard gave the mayor a blue file with navy writing. “What does that mean?” questioned mayor Grimsley.
“It means that he has escaped.”
“Yes, Brendon Green has escaped.”
The first man, Sam, looked astonished. “Sorry Mayor, I think Officer Beanhog meant that Lion escaped.”
“Brendon Green is Lion you fool,” yelled Beanhog. “Now, come to think of it Sam, your training is complete,”  he laughed, “you’re fired.”
The mayor’s face turned a dark shade of purple. “Officer Beanhog,” yelled the mayor. “I am surprised that a man like you couldn’t keep a single person locked up.”
“Sorry sir,” mumbled the officer.
“I’m sorry to say this, Officer Beanhog, but you are fired.”
Officer Beanhog stormed out of the mayor’s house with a huff.
“Sorry Sam, but with the death of one of our top guards and executioner and Officer Beanhog’s dismissal, I might have to shut down Dungun prison.”
“Fine by me. But doesn’t it worry you?” whispered Sam. “Lion is out there somewhere, and it’s up to you to stop him.”
“Don’t worry little Sam, we have some great strong people on our side.” Chuckled the mayor. He picked up his microphone and yelled: “General Mancenbourer, this is Mortimer, recruit the men, surround Ahoy. Brendon has escaped, repeat Brendon has escaped.” 

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