How To Treat Your Sick Dragon By Svara Joshi

“Give that gem!” said Jeff, “I need it to make a potion!”
“Never!” said the stranger.
Jeff stabbed the stranger with his sword without regret and the man fell to the concrete road. Dark red blood started staining his clothes. Jeff grabbed the Phoenix gem and ran off to his house clutching, his guilty sword in his hand…
As soon as he got home, he dropped the Phoenix gem in a deep black cauldron. Next to it was a rather old book that had been forbidden in the land of Ahoy. It was called: How To Treat Your Sick Dragon. The old book was forbidden because dragons were illegal. But Jeff was a rule breaker… His parents had disowned him and he was wanted in all the land of Ahoy. The prize for finding him was a lot of money so everyone was on the lookout.

The next day, Jeff went to get his lunch, some beef jerky, when he ran into his old friend Bob. Jeff stepped closer to Bob and pulled him into an old storage room.
“Hey Bob! I was wondering, do you have any spider eyes on you?” said Jeff.
“Why do you need- Oh! Is Jeff Jr still ill?”
“Sadly, yes… I need your help. Please help me to make pet dragons legal again? If I lose my dragon, I’ll be the most miserable man on the earth!” asked Jeff.
“I will help you only if you agree to do exactly what I say…” said Bob. Jeff agreed and Bob whispered his plan into Jeff’s ear…

The next day, Bob took Jeff to the court in a disguise so he would not be seen. They both took their seats and got ready… Jeff was anxious for his worst fear was being seen and thrown into jail. For the whole afternoon, they were protesting against another random dude who did not want pet dragons to be legal again. Five hours later, they lost… But Bob had one final statement… “Your Honour, may I present… Jeff the wanted criminal!” Everyone gasped as Bob pulled the disguise off Jeff. Jeff tried to strangle Bob but the police had already grabbed him and thrown him into a cage.
The judge had sentenced Jeff to a lifetime of misery. Bob got the prize money and unfortunately, Jeff Jr passed away.