The Dragonridge Mountains: Part 1 by Nyla Martin

Let me Introduce our villain. In the Drangonridge Mountains there was a little man walking through the ice. A dragon swooped over him. This was usual because where he lived dragons outnumbered humans.
        This little man’s name was Fred. At Drangonridge Mountains everyone was very civilised and Fred was not a very fancy name so he got laughed at. He had this name because parents thought it was funny. In the Drangonridge Mountains calling your baby Fred is like calling your baby poop.
        Fred had just got laughed at and he was the angriest he could be. What Fred didn’t release was that he was being watched by the greediest and most evil man in the world. Fred sat down to eat some bread. What he most desired was to be normal. Now unlike the person watching him (let’s just call him George, for no one knows his name), Fred was not a bad person. But George could sense weakness and set prey on him.

1000000 km away there was a girl named Joy. Keep in mind that she is the hero of the story. But her appearance is not the kind of appearance most heros have. She was skinny and her arms had not one bit of muscle on them. She was used to her life, most of all she hated adventures. But one thing that is like a normal hero was that she would save anyone. Remember that. Joy had an enemy. This girl is the victim of our story and she had more character to be the villain. She had everything she wanted, that is one of the reasons she is the victim of our story. Her mum was the school governor so her mum could make the rules.
        Joy had done cheer and girl scouts cookies but her enemy had taken all her roles when her mum became school governor. Joy still remembered all of the days that she used to sell cookies with the girl scouts. Joy knew that they would come to her house today at 1:00. She looked at the time. It was 12:40. “Mum! Get ready for Emily to come to give cookies and some comments,” yelled Joy to her mum.
        “There is some money on the counter!” she yelled back. Joy looked at the counter. There was indeed five dollars on the table. She looked at the time. It was 12:55. But even though it was five minutes early she heard a knock on her door. She opened it. There stood Joy’s enemy, Emily. But she wasn’t with her friend. “Hi,” said Emily coldly.
        “You’re early,” said Joy.
        “Ha! By five mins! Anyway I didn’t come to drop cookies anyway,” said Emily. Joy raised her eyebrows.
        “What did you come for then?” said Joy.
        “I came because if y’all haven’t noticed I don’t have Molly with me so I have to do it with you, dung,” said Emily. Joy didn’t even realise that Emily had insulted her. Her eyes had lit up when Emily had said she would be coming too.
        “Why me?” said Joy, confused.
        “Do you not want to come?” said Emily
        “Oh no, I do, I do, but I mean it’s not like you have one friend,” said Joy.
        “Do you think I am happy about this?” said Emily. “And I think I need to check something in your house,” she said hurriedly. Joy frowned.
        “But aren’t we doing the cookies?” said Joy.
        “Oh no,” said Emily. Just then someone with a very big and deep shopping bag came up behind them. He was moving closer and closer.         He gave no warning. He put the bag over Emily’s head and they were gone. Poof. Just like that. Joy realised what happened and started to stress. A lot. “But… but she can’t have gone. I mean like, how am I to find her?” said joy. She looked at her feet, there was a tiny piece of paper on the ground. Joy calmed down. This tiny piece of paper could have the answers on it. She picked it up. Holding her breath she turned it over.
        “Yes,” she said. There was writing on it. It said: Name: Fred. Where: Drangonridge Mountains.

To be continued…