Espionage Cat: Part 1 by Akira Ellis

Ella crawled along the thin marble ledge of the darkened manor. Gargoyles looming up as is if to stop her. A cold wind had swept through Ahoy earlier today keeping many from going outside and leaving some to wait out the weather in a friend’s homestead. But not Ella, covered in her warm coat, she took it as a chance to carry out her orders.
        With the entire household stuck visiting friends on the other side of Ahoy it was too good an opportunity to miss. She crept along ledges up drainpipes and through archways, but finally the little cat with fur of dark blue made it to the window. Many days of stakeout had led to this point, she had watched as the master of the house had opened what he thought was the safest place in all of Ahoy, she had watched as he had punched in numbers, flicked levers and completed combinations to open his sparkling vault. It had been too easy.
        Now, as Ella opened the jewel of all vaults, exactly a year after she had been turned out of a home, she thought of all that had led to this point. ‘But’ she reminded herself ‘I have to get this finished first’. All she took was a single ruby, a jewel that would feed her for many weeks to come, and no one would know any better as to the fact it was gone.
        She slid down pipes and banisters finally landing on all four feet at the bottom. As she began to walk away towards her home, she noticed a man in a black coat standing in the blizzard, watching her. Ella instantly recognized the man, Fox. She turned and started walking towards him. As she got closer, she noticed something glittering in his arms. ‘Not again,’ Ella thought, once again Fox had followed her to a house, waited while she stole one thing, and despite it meaning that the police would be on the lookout for the next couple of months because of it, stolen everything.
        She was still grateful for Fox though; he was the one who had saved her when she was abandoned in the cold. He had taught her everything she needed to know about ‘the life’ as he called it, but she still refused to excessively steal. Unlike Fox who sometimes seemed to have no morals.

To be continued…