Amy’s Adventure by Soraya Hutchison

It was on a hot summer’s morning in Blossom lane, a small city in the lands of Ahoy. A girl looked out the window and felt a tear in her eye. She had one desire in the world and that was to have friends. She was stuck in a castle with her Mother, Queen Fleur.
She was Princess Amy; this meant she had to be perfect.
Her Mother said the other kids were nice but not special enough for her. She looked down at her long pink hair and looked at her bright pink cheeks and lips. She grabbed her hair tie which her Mother called “For those ugly enough to wear it.” And tied it in her hair. She grabbed her pink handbag and packed a bunch of tiny strawberry cupcakes. She took her only t-shirt (which was still very fancy) and her only pants (also very fancy) and jumped out of the window.
Amy’s window wasn’t far off the ground and she landed in a good position. Amy walked through her garden which was very big. Luckily, she escaped without any of Queen Fleurs guards spotting her. When she finally hit the fence she felt a sigh of relief. She climbed over to see a bush. What shall I do? She thought. There was only one way to do it and that was to go through the bush. It hurt so badly she almost cried.       On the other side there was a large house with a large door just waiting to be opened. She was scared. What should I do? What should I say? Suddenly the door swung open. Amy felt her heart pounding.
“Hi!” said a rich looking man.
“You look sad and cold, come in,” said the man. So, Amy walked right in.
“Hello, my name is Jack,” said Jack.
“Hello, my name is Amy. I’ve never met anybody outside the castle before! Am I speaking politely?” Amy said.
“Calm down. You are speaking politely. You’ve never met anybody outside of a castle? And this is a mansion,” Jack said very quickly.
It was all very overwhelming for Amy that she broke out in tears on the floor.