Lost in Memories: Part 1 by Bastian Bartolo

I was fighting the great war of the galaxy.
BANG! I woke up.
“Yes I know, I know, but she’s just not ready.”
“She’s more ready than any of the others, it has to be her, no-one else.”
“Look! She’s awake! Sound the alarm, she must not escape, she’s too powerful!”
“She’s powerful? What about the others? They’re just as powerful as her.”
“Look, she’s more powerful than anyone. You’re just annoyed because the most powerful person in the galaxy is a girl!”
“Am not.”
“Are so.”
While those numbskulls were talking, I managed to slip through the door. I thought I had made it, but then one of the guards saw me and pressed another button like the one the doctor pressed. Suddenly, all the doors were closing from all directions. I felt like I was doomed and I would be here for the rest of my life. With a little bit of effort, I managed to slip through the crack into the grand City of Ahoy, grazing my left arm. I looked at my arm to check if I was okay. It was healing in seconds! I was frozen in awe for a moment, but I had other things to worry about. There were six men chasing after me with big guns. One of the guards dropped his gun and started running towards me faster than the rest of the guards. I sped up, and soon all the guards were out of sight.
Unexpectedly, a figure emerged from the smog. I wanted to run away, but a voice was pulling me towards this strange individual. I looked closer and began to recognise him. It was Kargroith. He was one of the minions of the Order of Imperium, an evil society that vows to bring back dark magic. I remember, as a child, him burning down cities, killing my parents. He had a black belt wrapped around his tight waist and his eyes bulging in my direction. Gradually his voice became much clearer. I could hear him saying, “He’s coming for you, for everyone, he’s coming for you, for everyone,” repeatedly over and over again. Then, he disappeared. I knew catching him would be like catching smoke with your bare hands.

To be continued…