The Ballad of Chef Needle’s Victory by Benji Husband

An expert swordsman and sushi chef,
Needle liked to cook
The problem was there were no fish
She didn’t know where to look!

Instead she cooked with vegetables,
Her famous sushi was with carrot
She used her sword to slice them fine
With guidance from her parrot

The kraken was her nemesis,
She’d defeated it, but lost her leg
And so she wanted sweet revenge
Cause’ her leg was now a peg

Each day at dawn, she turns to West
Parrot by her side
She knows the kraken lurks out there
With little place to hide

On this day, the kraken rose up,
Tentacles in the air,
She’d tracked it down, the fight was now
She’d drawn it from its lair

The only way to kill the squid
was surprise it from below
Thinking fast, she dove down deep
But time was going slow

She must act fast to kill the beast
Her sword was ready to slice
The problem was how cold it is
Her hands had turned to ice

One last push, this was her chance
She had to get it done
Her sword flashed through the water
Finally she had won

From that day on she made fish sushi
Tentacles were in the mix
She’d found the perfect recipe
But never revealed her tricks!