Back at School by Josefine Kress

In Ahoy, there lived an eleven-year-old boy named Leo. Leo was a normal boy like most other boys and he lived near the Dragonridge Mountains. He loved the high, snowy mountains and was very good at climbing, but he feared dragons. He spent most of his free time climbing or hiking in the mountains, and when it was raining or there was a rough snowstorm Leo loved to do origami because his favourite uncle grew up in Japan, but let’s start the story now.
The holidays were over, and all school children had to go to school again. But Leo was nearly late, because he couldn’t decide on if he wanted to put on his blue shoes or the red ones. In the end he decided to put on the blue ones because he had worn the red ones all day, yesterday.
When Leo arrived at school, his friends were running towards him in excitement and he had no idea what was going on. When his friends Tom and Jimmy were finished with discussing who would tell Leo what had happened, the bell rang and it was time for class, so he had to wait until snack break to be able to find out what Tom and Jimmy wanted to tell him.
The thing Tom and Jimmy wanted to tell Leo so much, only turned out to be that there was a new girl in the parallel class. Leo wasn’t very interested in the new girl apparently called Charlotte so he just ignored her.
After school Tom and Jimmy asked him if he wanted to come to the zoo with them but he had to say no because he had promised his mum that he would get her a coffee and do his homework because if he did that he would be allowed to spend the weekend at his grandpa’s mountain lodge high in the mountains. Leo really loved his grandpa’s lodge because all around him were mountains, mountains and mountains.
So he went to the bakery and got his mum a coffee and because they were for free, he also got her a bunch of flowers. At home, he neatly did his homework. They had to finish writing the novel they had started at school.

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