Thief in the Shadows: a ballad about Detective Crowl Booker by Akira Ellis

Crawling through the shadows
        Of the not well-known street
        Was a thief unbeknownst to passers by
        He was out to thieve their meat.

This evil fiend, a mastermind
        Did nearly get away
        But someone caught onto his scent
        And began to hound his prey.

Closing in the shadow slipped and crack!
        He broke a child’s baseball bat
        The robber warned, off he ran
        As fast as an alley cat.

The hunter gave chase, just behind
        Dressed in a flamboyant black crisp suit
        A scrawny looking man, the criminal shone with fear
        Throwing barrels food and a shiny magic flute

In attempt to stop pursuit
        But to no avail
        For that man like many others
        Was chucked headfirst in jail.