Reditus Magicae

Reditus magicae – a saying famous in the shadowy streets of Below. It is whispered throughout Ahoy that it is a saying used to identify members of the Order of Imperium, an evil organisation who work to bring back dark magic to the land. But these are, of course, just rumours; no one has that kind of power… right?

Recently, there have been murmurings of Imperium activity across the island. Coins, half polished gold, the other solid, sparkling diamond and marked with the and of reditus magicae on either side, have been appearing in alarming frequency. Artefacts, curious, and scrolls describing ancient rituals have gone missing from right under the nose of the Ahoy City Watch. And in the Forgotten Woods and Misty Isles, there have been reports of creatures long thought extinct roaming freely.

Is there some truth that the old magic could be coming back? Is it really the work of Imperium agents? What do they really want? Mayor Grimsley assures us that there is nothing wrong but look close at these events together and you cannot tell me you believe it is simply just people trading stories from Landlocked. There’s something going on here, and it’s up to us to find out what…