The Truth About My Life by Alena Dabrowski

“Dad can you tell me a story, the one about the Misty Isles?” Amy said, tucked into her bed while her dad sat next to her.
        “Ok, fine pumpkin. Once there was a great pirate called Captain Emily. Captain Emily was the fiercest pirate around who everyone feared, but she had a soft side, her sister Captain Via. Captain Via and Captain Emily both were looking for something, something that could keep them alive forever, an elixir of immortality. But they had a problem, people thought they were thieves. So two very brave sailors snuck on board and stole their map, but what they didn’t know was Captain Emily was behind them. Captain Emily drove her sword into one of the brave sailors. Luckily, the other sailor fought Captain Emily off and defeated Captain Via. She saved the other sailor’s life,” her dad said as Amy hid under her blanket.
        “Amy,” her father said. “Those brave criminals were your mother and me.” He showed her the scar from Captain Emily’s sword.
        Amy stared, “I thought they were sailors,” she said.
        “Oh yes sorry, I meant to say the brave sailors killed the infamous criminals,” her dad quickly said.
        “That makes sense daddy,” said Amy.
        Amy went to sleep but she woke up after she had a dream of being on a ship with a pirate, so she got up and walked to the door but overheard her parents talking
        “Why did you tell her that story? What if she remembers something?” her mum whispered.
        “She just thinks it’s a bedtime story,” said her dad. “She was too young when we stole her from her real mother to remember anything.”
        “It’s not worth the risk. She might remember her real name if you keep telling her that story.”
        “Shhh, you might wake her. The only way she’ll find out if her real name is Luna is if you keep talking so loudly about it!”