The Ballad of Chef Needle by Anwita Vasanth Koodalithazhathuveedu

Chef Needle was a fishing cat
        Far more intelligent than that
        Common fisherman she frowned upon
        When eating fish, and thought him fat.

Her ship was envy of the world
        More valuable than gold or pearl
        Faster than peregrine in flight
        No tempest strong would make it swirl.

One day, she proudly did decide
        That no more would the monsters hide
        From her, and perfect recipe
        To make her rich on pounding tide.

And when she found the kraken fierce,
        Astonished, she watched and saw it pierce
        Her left leg, nearly torn in two
        Too much to bear, she left in tears.

And so the still-determined Chef
        Searches for the beast that left
        Her empty handed, desolate
        And for her leg, the price of theft.