Monkey Mystery: Part 1 by Olivia Poser

Captain Shark’s dark brown hair blew in the wind as they approached the Misty Isles. Her younger brother Benji was huddled up at the side of her boat puking, as he was one of those people who got seasick. Her crew was not seasick for they would not be pirates if they were.
        You might be wondering why they were on a boat if Benji got seasick. Well here is the answer. They were headed to Ahoy because their parents were killed while fishing in a boat at sea. Shark and Benji thought that they were taking a pretty long time so they went in their little canoe and found them dead. So she gathered a crew made up of her friends and cousins and headed to Ahoy where their grandparents lived.
        They knew it would be hard to reach Ahoy’s harbour but if they did reach it, it would be amazing.
        Captain Shark saw balls of blue fire being thrown at her ship. A yeti-like creature rose from the water except it wasn’t snowy it was red and orange with flames coming off its fur making it look like the sun in a yeti sort of shape. The fire yeti threw another flame ball at one of the barrels that had fish in it that they’d gotten from their village before leaving for the Misty Isles since they couldn’t fish themselves. The barrel rolled across the deck turning the whole front of the boat into flames.
        She grabbed Benji and wrapped her jacket around his nose and mouth so he didn’t inhale smoke. She pulled him onto their canoe and quickly fled without food or crew. She was headed to the only island with food (apart from fish), Allerhorn, home of the vampire monkeys.
        Three days later with hunger in their bellies, they reached Allerhorn. Then the most terrible thing happened. The monkeys appeared underneath their canoe and grabbed Captain Shark and Benji and pulled them underwater. She pulled out her sword and stabbed a monkey in the foot. What seemed to be the leader of the monkeys wrapped his hand tight around her neck. She saw that Benji wasn’t there anymore. She looked around and saw that two monkeys were pulling him away on top of the water onto their island and she saw small drops of water falling into the water from his face. She used all of her strength to make the monkeys let go and swam to the surface as fast as she could. When she stepped onto the island she felt the crisp hot sand press against her bare feet. But Benji was nowhere to be seen. All she saw was a hole in the ground. A deep black hole. She saw monkeys looking the other way in the water so quickly hid behind a few palm trees and saw the monkeys dive into the deep black hole. And so did she.
        Captain Shark fell and hit the mossy floor where she saw her younger brother in a cage. A voice whispered in her ear ‘the only way to get him back is to find the lost ruby of the Great Desert’.

To be continued…