A Pirate’s Tale by Harvey Harris

“Arrrrr!” The pirates yelled faintly from the tavern. I lay in my bed trying to doze off but the pirates were too loud to go to sleep. They chattered until 2:00am nearly every day and night. I sometimes listened to their stories through the cracked walls of my tiny room. My eyes shut slowly and my brain nearly turned off until one of the pirates said, “When I went to the Misty Isles last Satur’ay I saw one of the ancient great-grandchildren. Their great grandfather was from the tribe of Ascen. All I could hear from him was the mumbling of the great Ascen myth. ARRRR! It was a tragic story! Does someone wanna hear?!”
        “Yes!!! ARRRR!”
        My eyes widened and listened in.
        The pirate started to talk. He then blabbered on this, “So it all started when Ascen had settled on the land for over 10 years, they had built tents and houses made out of sticks, carved stone and leaves. They harvested crops and ate cows, chicken and sheep. The leader wanted more on the menu though. He ordered guards and slaves to travel to the Misty Isles and find some sort of fast breeding animal. They all set off.
        “When they got to the island there was another civilization that they called them Escura (Dark). They crawled through the bushes so no one knew they were there. While they were crawling a guard saw movement in the bushes. They looked in the bushes and found the slaves. The Escura held them up to the wall and forced them to say where they had came from. The slaves ended up saying it after 10 minutes. Escura set off to sea to invade Ascen’s tribe.
        “They took nearly triple as fast time as the Ascen tribe did because of their great technology. They conquered the land and got rid of Ascen. Some people still think that the Ascen travelled to the Misty Isles to settle and are still there. Researchers and explorers have only found one being from the tribe, but they could only speak a different language. Some people see movements in the high hills.”
        “HAR HAR HAR!!!! Do you think this is true?!” another pirate said. Everyone started laughing.
        I wanted to prove to everyone that has heard this myth that it is true. I want to find the tribe.