The Frog by Noah Stefanoff

“Ok, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to throw that roc- OW!” Dirk hopped as fast as his little feet could carry him as they were sinking a bit in the sand. Trying to out jump a lizardman tribe is hard for a frog.
        “YOU WILL PAY!!!” Griggs shouted.
“I never have! In all our fights I never have!” he yelled. Dirk hopped a bit faster to gain speed then started to walk again. He hadn’t figured what he wanted to do. He had been in Ahoy for a few years and all he had done was become a warrior and got into several fights with Griggs. He wanted to go to Below and the mountains and that kinda stuff. He thought if he should start a bit now. His train of thought was interrupted by a rumble.
        “This can’t be the dragons having a party again!” he thought. He looked behind him ready to shout in his loudest voice at the dragons when he saw a HUGE crack. He knew this was a small earthquake as in Ahoy they can be as big as the great wall of china. He carried on with his life.
He decided to start his journey now. He started with Below. He assumed Below was, you know, below. He did not have a shovel so he headed towards wherever Niima’s Lost ‘n’ Found would be. Eventually he saw it. It took him a while to notice it was covered in yellow and black tape and that the cops were there. “What happened?” he asked one of them.
        “An artifact was stolen. It was pretty special. A genie lamp. Cost $5000. It was 50% off.” said detective Crowl Booker.
Dirk knew this was Daava. He didn’t mind that and then asked. “Is it still open?”
“Kinda,” said Crowl Booker. “There isn’t that much special stuff but there IS this shovel. Ya want it?”
“Yes please,” Dirk replied.
“That would be $40,” said Crowl.
Dirk looked for cash until he found a $50 note. He paid and got $10 change back. He was feeling a bit tired and instead of going home he just fell asleep right there.
        He woke up remembering that the entrance to Below was in a cave in the mountains. “CURSE MY STUPID LITTLE FROG BRAIN!!!” He soon regretted that because his tiny little frog brain could be cursed. He quickly ran off before it would be. He ran towards the mountains. He got to the foot of a mountain and started climbing. Halfway up it started to rain. He started to slip. He kept on climbing until it started to hail. “OW. OW. OW. OW” he reached the top. He looked over the mountains until he saw the ski resort. He lept down and onto the next mountain. He hopped to the next and the next until he hit the door.
        He walked into the ski resort and up to the counter. “ That will be $70 thank you,” said Atani. Dirk gave him $80 and expected $10 change. “Next!’
        “Wait! Where’s my change?!?!”
        “You don’t get any in Ahoy.” Atani replied.
        “You do. I have been given 300 dollars worth of change in my life in Ahoy!!!” Dirk said.
        “But here you don’t!” “oh yes you do!”
        “But in the Dragonridge Mountains you don’t!”
        “That is the WORST excuse I have EVER hea-@#$$%&&^%$#$#!#@!#!$@#$%^^%$#$%$#!!!!” This occurred because Atani punched him in the face and whipped Dirk with his tail.
Dirk got up and demanded a duel. Dirk was armed with a sword and Atani with ski boards. It went on for ages until Dirk snatched $10 from the cash register, grabbed a couple of ski boards and ran to the ski part.
“Security to the ski part,” Atani said into a walkie talkie like thing. Dirk leapt off the ski lift and landed on his ski boards and moved up and down the mountains. He looked behind him to see a kangaroo and a rabbit chasing him with tasers. They were security. He looked in front of him to see the top of the last mountain that it would be possible to land on.
        “Shoot.” he fell onto the sand of the desert. He ran away as fast as he could. He dug a small hole and hid. He heard thumps and muffled talking. He fell asleep. He woke up back in his house in the desert. He went to sleep for, like, the 500th time. He WAS very tired. He woke up and made himself a coffee. Before he could drink it there was a rumble and his coffee spilled all over him. His house blew up and he flew up into the air. Water splashed everywhere. He fell into the sand head first. He looked at the Misty Isles to see a big blue snake in the water. There was an ear piercing roar and a big explosion. Dirk ran towards the terrible rowboat and rowed towards the monster. “FOR AHOY!!!” Dirk rowed around the snake until it got dizzy. He then stabbed at it with his sword. It broke in half. He rowed to the lighthouse. He got to the top to try to blind the monster with the light. Dirk couldn’t find the thing. He gave up and got back to his rowboat. He looked behind him to see, in the mist, black sails. He got into his rowboat and rowed to his house. He found the guardian sword. One of the five. If you gain all five you could have ultimate power. He had number three. He came out and got in the boat and went towards the thing.
        He stabbed him then there was a big explosion and he landed on his neighbour’s house. Dirk went towards the remains of his house and saw the fifth guardian sword where the monster had been. He rebuilt his house then hung the swords up in his house. They were pretty cool. He left his house to see Griggs and the others outside and he was holding a rock.

The End