Kids Programs

Fun, immersive and inspiring programs for ages 6-18 years.

Online Creative Story Writing

Tailored to the online setting, our Online Inkling Groups leverage the advantages of Zoom, providing unique and immersive experiences for young writers everywhere.

Creative Story Writing Groups and Mentorships

An inspiring and supportive space for young writers to delve into the craft of story under the guidance of practising writers and take their writing skills and imaginations to the next level.

School Holiday Programs and Festivals

Immersive, imaginative and lots of fun, MYWS popular school holiday programs are unique days with themes to suit all ages and interests, from teen specific days, to fantasy and sci-fi programs, to days of mystery and adventure. The perfect way to inspire a love of story and get writing.

School Incursions and Excursions

Primary and secondary school incursions and excursions designed to inspire a love of the craft of story and extend the skills and knowledge of advanced writers. Accessible and the perfect opportunity to awaken the magic of story in students of all ages and abilities. Book Week special now open!

Adult Programs

Creative writing courses and events for adults at any stage in their writing journey.

One-off Events

Story Studios Australia’s one off events focus on a variety of aspects of writing, community, sharing and storytelling and are often led by special guests and teachers

Short Courses

Led by professional writers with industry experience, our adult Short Courses offer an intimate and practical approach to creative writing. There’s no better environment to learn, be inspired, and connect with Melbourne’s creative writing community.

Regular Events

Develop your writing practice and connect with an amazing community of authors, screenwriters, poets, journalists and more by coming along to fun and creative regular events such as Words and Wine and Screenwriters Club!

Professional Development

Enrich and upskill your team with unique and engaging professional development sessions tailorable to your needs.

Exploration, Education & Storytelling for your event!

Interested in having Story Studios Australia/Melbourne Young Writers’ Studio along to run a workshop at a festival, fete or event? Get in touch to find out more about tailoring a program to your needs!