School Holiday Programs

“Our very pensive Harvey has had a wonderful day, “We wrote a story but in a REALLY fun way!!!”  – Anne, parent

Our School Holiday programs are both fun and educational, what’s more, every day is different! As with all of our programs writing and creating stories remains the focus, but, school holiday programs provide young writers with a broad range of activities and prompts all based around a unique theme for that particular day. At any given Melbourne Young Writers’ Studio holiday program a young writer can expect games, crafts, character building, team activities and of course, bucket loads of fun!


  • Our school holiday programs are ideally suited to young writers aged 7 – 12, however all school aged young writers are welcome as long as they can write a full sentences without assistance. 
  • ‘All holiday programs run from 9am until 3pm unless otherwise stated’.  
  • Parents and carers are invited to arrive for pickup at 2.50pm if they would like to hear some of what has been written. We usually do a little reading at the end of each day.
  • All young writers must bring their own lunches and snacks for the day. We provide water, and on hot days we provide a natural fruit juice icy pole in the afternoon. Lunch usually happens between 12pm – 1pm.
  • We have a nut free policy and do not allow young writers to share food.
  • A parent, guardian, or carer must sign each young writer in and out.

Upcoming Holiday Programs


Monday 1 July – Winter Solstice

Rug up and join us in our story forest for a day of mythology, folklore and fairytales! We will celebrate the passing of the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year (June 22), by writing short stories inspired by folklore. This day will be about weaving together enchanting ideas and settings within short story structure.
$91.50 per person per workshop



Wednesday 3 July – The Blanket Fort

Inside the blanket fort, our strangest dreams and the strangest characters of our imaginations come to life. In this unique school holiday program we will be constructing amazing blanket forts inside our studio, each unique and each with a different story to tell. Writing inside the forts we’ll construct worlds halfway between fantasy and reality and breathe life into new and strange fantastical stories.
$91.50 per person per workshop



Friday 5 July –  Campfire Stories

Huddled around a crackling cellophane fire, we will craft spooky, spine-tingling tales full of suspense and tension. In the flickering shadows, you will craft characters from the wildest corners of your imagination, find words to make the little hairs on your arms stand on end, and write stories that will keep you on the edge of your log!
$91.50 per person per workshop

School Holiday Workshops Cost

  • Holiday programs cost $91.50 per child incl gst.
  • Young writers need to bring their own lunch and snacks.

Kids Programs

“Blanca is loving the creative writing classes on Saturday.
She has started writing in her own time as well.
So it is having a tremendous positive impact on her.”

Adult Programs

“Melbourne Young Writers’ Studio is more
than just a place to write…”